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Gazelle No1

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The N°1 was designed by Giugiaro Design, one of the world's most renowned design studios; and it has been built using the expertise and years of experience offered by the Netherlands' most well-known bike brand Gazelle. These two worlds of high-quality Italian design and Dutch craftsmanship merged together seamlessly to form the e-bike of the future, the Gazelle N°1. The N°1 is a concept bike and is not for sale.

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Gazelle Heritage
Gazelle No1
Gazelle No1

1906The First

In 1906 Gazelle introduced the Number 1: a ground-breaking bike with a chain, that marked the start of a new era.

2016A New Beginning

The N°1 is now doing what the Number 1 did before it a century ago. It is setting the standard for a new generation of electric bikes... and it is setting the bar high!



It's a frame of two parts. Comfort on the one hand, power on the other. But behind this seemingly simple design hides the legacy of one of the world’s greatest design companies. GIUGIARO DESIGN.

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The N°1 has been designed with comfort as a main priority. During the entire design process the creation of the most optimum ride characteristics and riding position were paramount. The bike is not only smooth, but also easy to manoeuvre and durable making it extremely suited to everyday use.

The best riding position

The N°1 is an e-bike with unequalled riding comfort. The distance between the saddle, handlebars and the pedals can be adjusted according to your needs. That way you can create the optimum sitting position, whatever your body length.

Adjustable handlebar stem

The simple-to-adjust handlebar stem allows you to set your riding position exactly as you wish. This also applies to the saddle.

Pedal Assist and Belt Drive

The N°1 has a continuously variable automatic shifting system (NuVinci Harmony). With this you can set the ideal pedalling frequency that will be maintained irrespective of your speed. In combination with the maintenance-free and very strong carbon belt drive this makes the N°1 the ultimate commuter bike.

Optimal Rideability

The N°1 has a low centre of gravity. The heaviest parts such as the motor and battery have been positioned as low as possible in the bike, which makes it extremely manoeuvrable.

Walk Assist

With the Walk Assist function you can walk along easily with the bike next to you and push it up a hill without difficulty. With one press on the button it can be pushed along by hand at five kilometres per hour.

Innovation Innovation Innovation Innovation Innovation Innovation


Naturally, the N°1 comes equipped with the most innovative and high-quality technology. The integration of various complex technologies has resulted in an e-bike that is not only reliable but also simple to use.

Smartphone integration

Smartphone integration

A fully-integrated, intelligent system, developed in collaboration with COBI, that connects your bike to your smartphone. The N°1 is the first e-bike to put this concept into practice and it is proving to have been a great move. With a multitude of functions it creates a completely new riding experience.

The smartphone can be fixed to the handlebars in one click using a thin but very tough case that you can leave on your phone all the time.

The NuVinci Harmony

The NuVinci Harmony

NuVinci Harmony is an innovative, transmission technology that makes it possible to maintain the same pedalling frequency irrespective of your speed, without having to change gear.

The gear hub is integrated into the rear wheel. You operate it using the N°1 app on your smartphone and the Thumb Controller on the handlebars.

Carbon parts

Carbon parts

With the N°1 many of the parts such as the frame, the wheels and the components such as the saddle, the seat post and the handlebars are made out of carbon. This has a number of advantages. One of the unique properties of carbon is that it is both strong and stable whilst being flexible and light. So it is the perfect material for optimum comfort and riding pleasure.

Brake and Cycle Lights

We have paid a great deal of attention to the safety and visibility of the N°1. The bike has daytime cycle lights and brake lights that are integrated into the front and rear mudguard. In addition to daytime cycle lights the No1 also comprises a high-power headlight on the handlebars. The headlight has three settings that can be operated via the app: one energy-saving LED light, dipped beam and full beam. The bright red brake light provides extra safety and visibility on the road.

No visible wires or cables

No visible wires or cables

As clean a bike as possible, that was the ultimate aim. That is why all of the electronics, software and cables are entirely hidden from view and completely integrated into the bike. So they are well-protected from outside influences, they're robust and they look good.


Stay connected with your bike and the world around you at all times, wherever you are. Phone, navigate, listen to your favourite tracks, keep a record of your fitness results and operate your e-bike. You can do it all with the N°1. The e-bike has the first, fully-integrated, intelligent system that connects the bike to your smartphone.



Cycling into the wind? Uneven ground? They're no match for the Gazelle N°1. This is an e-bike with 80Nm torque that lets you experience unprecedented power.

I like things that are different, innovative and progressive. And that's this bike for sure!

Fedde le Grand

Further, Faster, Stronger

Further, faster, stronger. That's what the N°1 stands for. With the extremely powerful motor you can go from stationary to a speed of 25 or 45 km/h in just a few seconds.


No hill too high

No matter how steep the hill is, with a torque of 80 Newton moments, every hill can be conquered.


Powerful battery

To use the N°1 to the full, you need a battery with a very large capacity.


Powerful brakes

With a motor as powerful as this, you need an equal amount of braking power. The N°1 uses hydraulic disc brakes. These are no standard disc brakes, but extra powerful 'four piston brake calipers' that apply the brake power extremely evenly and provide excellent modulation.


Gazelle N°1 carbon and aluminium, fully integrated battery, motor and cables.
Gazelle N°1 carbon front fork
High-power 36V Electric, 80Nm Torque Supported speed: Up to 25 or 45 km/h
Supported speed
Up to 25 or 45 km/h
Li-Ion battery
Up to 180km, depending on top speed
Bike control & Connectivity
COBI, Bluetooth and ANT+
Your smartphone via a specific COBI case or universal mount, charges at the same time
Gazelle N°1 custom aluminium with integrated front and rear light
Gazelle N°1 custom integrated in mudguard & COBI handlebar light
Rearlight & Brake light
Gazelle N°1 custom integrated in rear fender
Gazelle N°1 custom carbon
Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack
NuVinci Harmony H|sync continuously variable transmission, shifts automatically
MT5e Magura Performance, hydraulic disk brakes
Continental Sport Contact II (Carbon) or E-Contact (Indigo)
Gazelle N°1 custom carbon
Gazelle N°1 custom aluminium, fully integrated cabling
Gazelle N°1 custom carbon
Gazelle N°1 custom aluminium, alloy system
Fizik Volta R3 Black Anthracite Red (Carbon) or Selle Royal Respiro Saddle (Indigo)


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