The N°1 has been designed with comfort as a main priority. During the entire design process the creation of the most optimum ride characteristics and riding position were paramount. The bike is not only smooth, but also easy to manoeuvre and durable making it extremely suited to everyday use.

The best riding position

The N°1 is an e-bike with unequalled riding comfort. The distance between the saddle, handlebars and the pedals can be adjusted according to your needs. That way you can create the optimum sitting position, whatever your body length.

Adjustable handlebar stem

The simple-to-adjust handlebar stem allows you to set your riding position exactly as you wish. This also applies to the saddle.

Pedal Assist and Belt Drive

The N°1 has a continuously variable automatic shifting system (NuVinci Harmony). With this you can set the ideal pedalling frequency that will be maintained irrespective of your speed. In combination with the maintenance-free and very strong carbon belt drive this makes the N°1 the ultimate commuter bike.

Optimal Rideability

The N°1 has a low centre of gravity. The heaviest parts such as the motor and battery have been positioned as low as possible in the bike, which makes it extremely manoeuvrable.

Walk Assist

With the Walk Assist function you can walk along easily with the bike next to you and push it up a hill without difficulty. With one press on the button it can be pushed along by hand at five kilometres per hour.