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Goodmorning, Los Angeles

The hot LA sun shines fiercely as we shake hands with top DJ Fedde Le Grand in the lobby of his hotel. Nothing beats tagging along this world star and nothing is better than doing it on the new Gazelle No1 e-bike. How does this bike impress someone who is used to crisscrossing this city in expensive cars?



The Hills

Fedde apparently has no problem cycling up the familiar Hollywood Hills. With fast acceleration, he easily arrives at the top of the hills at the well-known Mullholland Drive. With its innovative and distinct design, the No1 fits in perfectly among all the big cars that drive around here.



Busy LA

It is obvious that LA is a city that doesn’t sleep. It is busy everywhere, but Fedde clearly knows his way because he steers the No1 cycles effortlessly through the streets and past all the junctions. The frequent braking and acceleration is not bothersome at all due to the automatic gear system of the No1. Whether you cycle fast or slow, the system always ensures that you are in the most optimal gear.




First out

The motorists can’t believe their eyes as they see Fedde ride away and due to the extremely strong engine, gets it to 45 kilometres per hour in a matter of seconds. ‘Wow… is that a bike?’ you can just see them thinking!




My friends

Free of traffic jam stress and without any parking problems, Fedde arrives at the studio. A big car can sometimes be fine, but it has its disadvantages.



My track

Fedde knows the LA roads pretty well, yet he often uses the turn-by-turn navigation by simply clicking his smartphone to the handlebar. Or is he by chance listening to his latest track? Doesn’t matter, you can do both.



Light as a feather

The hills are apparently a piece of cake for Fedde. Besides the powerful engine, the many carbon fibre components provide a light workout.



My job and hobby

Right now, there is no time for cycling, but only for enjoying the masterly performance by Fedde. The pleasure and the passion resonate. Here we have a man who tremendously enjoys the impact of his music on his fans.



Going back home

A refreshing morning breeze blows over his face as Fedde cycles back to the hotel after his gig. The city arouses him and the outdoor air surely gives him the inspiration for his new track. Fedde, thank you for coming along with us on this adventure and letting us cycle a day with you. See you soon in the Netherlands!

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