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Your personal details. You leave them with us and we can imagine you'd like to know why we ask for your personal details and what we do with them. We're happy to tell you about it here. If you still have any questions after reading this page, please feel free to contact us.

We keep all of the details you give us safely locked away. We do that using one of the most modern techniques: the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). So anyone who has no right to access your data, simply can't get to it. If we pass your data on to someone else, we demand that that person is equally careful with your data as we are and that they only use it for the purpose they were given it for.


Often we use your data to give you as personal an experience as possible. We adjust what you see on our website slightly according to your interests. To do that we use, for example, data from your previous visits, your IP address and cookies.

What else do we do with your data

We use your data for various purposes. You can see what these purposes are below. Furthermore, we use the data we have been given by you, but also data we have collected ourselves. For example data about your visit to our website. 


You can subscribe to our newsletter. That way you will be kept up to date with our offers, promotions and our news. 

Improving our website and service

We are constantly trying to improve our service provision. That's why we may use your data to ask you if you want to participate in a no-obligation customer or market survey. Sometimes other people conduct that research for us. We will then give that other party your e-mail address. In which case, the other party must of course also follow our privacy rules. So once the research has been carried out, your e-mail address must be deleted.

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